Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Comparing the Design a Strategic Plan and the Designing in the Fields of the Engineering

I think that the designing of a strategic plan is something like the designing in the field of structural or mechanics engineering. For instance, in structural engineering, if you want to design a beam, at the first step, you should recognize and determine the direction and amount of the external forces to analyze the stability of the beam. It means that you should find the source of external forces and the location of the beam where the external forces are affecting. Your mistake will increase the costs (to consider additional external forces) or even the collapse (not to consider some external forces) of the beam. At the second step, when we secure the stability of the beam by arranging and analyzing the external forces, we should know if the beam has the enough strength against bending moment, torque, shear and so on inferred from the external forces. In fact, we should deal with the external forces and internal strength to find out the best design for the beam.
The designing a strategic plan is the same in which the source of the external forces is referred to PEST and Porter’s five forces. And also the source of internal strength is referred to Resources, HR, Management, Financing, Marketing and so on. In fact, if we are very clever to arrange the external forces where we will be able to secure the stability of our company, the lack of internal strength will push our company to be collapsed due to the external forces (all external forces will be changed to the threats).
What is the difference? The difference is assigned to the sources of external and internal forces in which the forces on the beam are unique but the forces in strategic management are inferred from many sources. In fact, in strategic management, the independent variables are more than engineering. Therefore, to design a strategic plan is very harder than designing in the field of engineering. For instance, if we consider that a beam has been made by different types of materials, the analysis of stress – strain on the beam will be the complex and very hard.