Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Constant Issues, Universal Laws and Boundaries Conditions in Physics Theory

How can an Industrial Revolution be raised?
During the period of several centuries ago, the Human discovered some of the constant natural numbers such as Pi, e, G and so on that each one of them had the influence on development of the world. In fact, the constant numbers were the origin of the Universal laws as the constant points for instance; the Newton’s law of universal gravitation was inferred from “G” (Universal Constant). Therefore, the answer to above question is to find out the constant numbers in which they give us the vita, the life, the energy and Dynamic. For example, please consider the sun and other stars which are the constant points and give us the dynamic. Another example is about someone who stays in the job or the location for several years (the constant) and gain the great credit to launch new business and dynamic. In the financial analysis, if we find any accurate constant data other than the abruption data as our assumption, we can expand a new dynamical idea by using of the cause – effect system and measure the impact of the constant data by a Balance Scorecard framework. These are the constant points.
Now, the question is about the total impact of a constant number. It depends on the period of the sustainability and the stability time for constant data. For instance, if the data or number is the constant only for several years, definitely the total influence of data on the systems dynamic is limited. Of course, the debate can be very challenging because we assume that all data or numbers are the stable on the period of limited time. Actually, there is not any constant natural numbers but we have the boundaries for them such as “e” and diagram of y = 1 / x
The process of dynamic for a constant natural number or point can be started by a wave then we will have high frequency wave and after a resonance, probably it will go toward a very, very high frequency wave and finally we will not have any wave but it is a perpendicular line on the time axis just like to a spark. This area is the same boundaries because the properties of the points on the line are variable.
It means if we discover a constant natural number or point, we can generate a dynamic system or we can say the behind of any dynamic system, we have the constant number or point. A constant natural number or point can be a new idea or a new strategy in which the engineers or strategists can use them to produce a new dynamic system.
According to above mentioned, I stated two statuses: 1) The starting point by using of the constant number 2) The ending line (reach to boundaries)

Third status is very important and it is to move on the boundaries. Even though the movement on the boundaries is very risky and dangerous, it can be gained to the change into a new system in which we have again a starting point and the huge new opportunities.
Let me bring you three examples as follows:
-Please consider you are driving on highway. How can you go on speed line? Firstly you should reach on the boundary of the speed line then you should move on the boundary finally you will enter on speed line (new system)
-In the climate change, firstly the clouds are moving toward the boundary then we will have a spark because of the cloud’s movement on the boundary finally we will have a climate change or new climatology system (rainy weather).
-In puzzle game, assume you have several choices (locations) for a puzzle. Please close your eyes and go on the boundary of the puzzle by your finger then move on the boundary. Finally you will discover which location is the matched to your puzzle.
In the result, let us review again all three statuses as follows:
1) The starting point by using of the constant number: The good example is Newton’s laws of Motion. In this case, we can see a new idea or the constant point had been generated by cross –section of Art (Leonardo da Vinci 1452-1519), Philosophy (Newton 1642–1727) in which the case had been changed to the most important Universal law in the world.
2) The ending line (reach to boundaries) or reaching to the critical point: The good example is the relative theory by Albert Einstein in which the base of this theory is to assume the boundary for the light’s velocity (V = c). In this case, we cannot still move on the boundaries equal to the light’s velocity. Therefore, we are limited the applications and gains only by using of the boundaries conditions because we do not still know all real dimensions on this space. It is why we have so many models of quantum mechanics in the world. Sometimes we have to find new or free boundaries and utilize from the Scenario analysis and Simulation method to solve the problem. For instance, in the Steam Generators (Boilers), we can only design a boundary for pressure and temperature during the period of the time by using of Simulation method. Have you ever seen a Boiler with pressure capacity 20,000 Bar?
 3) The movement on the boundaries: ……………
Perhaps, the best way is to generate new constant number and to obtain the applications of it in the real life. It means to return back to Status (1).
I am also working on a new constant natural number that I name it as "The power of the time". It is clear, if I find out any application for this constant number, I will share it here.