Friday, February 4, 2011

Where money goes? Where power comes from?

Let me remind you about a quotation from the Shahnameh of Ferdowsi as follows:

توانا بود هر که دانا بود" (Knowledge is power)"

Have you even heard the people say: “I wish I had not too much knowledge because when your knowledge increases notably, you will be suffering in your life”.
But there is the fundamental difference between to get knowledge and to make them. For instance, when we find out a problem by ourselves, we are excited and encouraged to solve this problem while there are so many problems that we are not interested in studying about them. First of all, we should have a true definition of the knowledge. What is the meaning of the knowledge?
In my opinion, the knowledge is to discover new constant data by analyzing previous constant data in which all constant data are the stable only for a period of the time.
In the result, I am willing to say: “Someone who are able to make the PARADOX, do not need to war for obtaining the power”.
Of course, this is a Pseudo – Power. Because, someone who are generating paradoxes, once upon a time, will be swallowed by all paradoxes generated by their self.

Therefore, you will gain a Real Power, if your knowledge and also the results of your works are helping and saving the people throughout the world.
When you have a Real Power, you do not need to follow the money but the money will follow you.