Thursday, October 7, 2010

Executive methods for solving of the problems (part 3-conclusion)


Regarding to the points and examples mentioned in this manuscript , there are many methods for solving of the problems.

One of the best ways to solve the problems is to go along step by step as follows:

Step1) To find out exact definition of the problem.

Step2) To make a sentence that is exactly included all of the problem basic concepts (To summarize exact definition of the problem by a sentence).

Step3) To search the guiding channels of knowledge for each word or perfect sentence just like to use of the search engines.

Step4) To select of collected knowledge so that we find out the logical relation among them.

Step5) To find out assumptions, dependent and independent variables (unknowns) by using of Step (4).

Step6) To establish the differential equations by using of Step (5) and the points A to T mentioned in this paper.

Step7) To solve the differential equations by deleting of many variables (unknowns) so that we must observe balance of the Time and Energy (Cost).

Concerning to above steps, we can use of “Equilibrium Theory” for solving of the problems in the world. Maybe, one day we will be able to find out an opportunity of the Reference Frame with datum coordinates by using of Equilibrium Theory and Returning Analysis. We as well as know that all of Equilibrium systems are the unstable and we must spend the energy for increasing of Equilibrium stability time. One of the most important sources to secure of the energy is to use of Educational systems.
In fact, the key for solving of the problems in the world is basic and essential changes in Educational systems so that the students in the all of educational fields included: Natural science, Medicine, Art groups, Social science and etc should study Basic Physics, General Mathematics and finally Equilibrium Theory.

Gholamreza Soleimani

Wednesday, 3 May 2007