Thursday, October 7, 2010

Executive methods for solving of the problems (part 1)

I enjoy researching in the field of Geotechnical science because it is very exiting job so that I have studied by my own along working. We must be dominant over mathematics and physics sciences because we always need to know and use of basic laws of Static, Dynamic, Material mechanic and Fluid mechanic in addition to Geology science for solving of the problems (These books should be used as References just like to other books).
Unfortunately, we have usually two cases for solving of the problems in the field of Geotechnical Engineering:
-People, which have appropriate knowledge in Geology, are not predominant over mathematics and physics and so vice versa.
-Now days, engineers use of soft ware programs for designing before they actually know basic concepts of Static, Dynamic, Material mechanic and etc. It will be caused to prevent their creative power for solving of the problems in the world.
In Geotechnical Engineering, the experiences are more important than academic information. If we study and earn some basic information from other Geo-sciences (Geophysics, Hydrogeology and …), it will be more exciting to work in the field of Geotechnical Engineering for us.
Always there is a problem that we should solve it. For solving of the problems in Geotechnical Engineering, we must have a very fast, punctual and cutting decision in accordance with our experiences and academic information. A mistake in our decision will be caused financial and murderer dangerous events.
Therefore, we should collect exact information and find out a logical relation (processing) among selected information for solving a problem.
To work on Geotechnical projects helps us to find better ways for living.
The reasons behind of above mentioned are the points below cited:

Point A) The precision, courage; presumption and bravery in accordance with logical bases and accompanied by perseverance are the most important factors for solving of the problems.

Point B) There are different parameters, dependent, and independent variables that we should consider to solve the problems.

Point C) There are extensive and wide ranges of knowledge that we should select appropriate information among them for solving of the problems.

Point D) Concerning to point C, we should only bear in mind correct and exact information for processing so that a logical and rational relation must be raised among selected information.

Point E) We should know that solving of the problem needs to use of the whole sciences.

Point F) The processing must be done in accordance with logical methods.

Point G) Since we can not usually take into all of variables for solving of the problem and it is possible that a final design reveals some defects in executing time, we should have a feedback system from executive agents to the design department for improving final details engineering rapidly. One of the best ways to adjust details engineering is to have a design department at the site or monitoring of the site.

Point H) We can obtain the information:
-By using of local investigation
-By using of other people experiences (books, essays, papers and etc)
-To produce of information by our self (testing, modeling and etc)

Point I) It is clear, there are many ways for solving of the problems, but two factors “time” and “cost (energy)” will show us final way by balancing of them.

Point J) For solving of the problems, in the first stage, we should use of exist supporter systems (sleepers) in the nature for saving of the energy. Therefore we can result that a soft ware is not enough to design alone.

Point K) We can use of model systems or pilot plant for final control of the design.

Point L) To use of “Remote Sensing” for processing of data.

Point M) To apply physic’s conservation laws and equilibrium theory for solving of the problems (by using of mechanic of materials, fluid mechanic, dynamic and etc).

Point N) Look at the problem from different angles, directions and states so that we should be able to change our views 180 degree against our first approach without any fanaticism, it means a flexibility in our analyzes. It can be caused appearance of innovation and creative power.

Point O) To be able to study any books and references from final page to first page only for solving of the problem because we have not the time for studying any book from A to Z.

Point P) To find out the channels of knowledge transfer by broadcasting of controlled information. In fact, one of the best ways to obtain the knowledge is to broadcast controlled information.

Point Q) To use of Returning Analyze method for finding and controlling of important parameters and data.

Point R) The result of processing must be controlled several times by using of different ways and experts (engineers).

Point S) To use of tests equipment in accordance with our needs for solving of the problem.

Point T) When an engineer proceeds to calculate and design the project, she/he is expected to guess the details of final design completely before starting of the calculations, the calculation note helps to reach the limits.

In here, I have presented some of my work experiences as examples that are compatible to above points:
The examples, which has been presented below cited, are the sources of the points A to T adopted of actual projects:

(I can not introduce actual names of projects, clients, main contractors and consulting engineers companies because I have not them any permission letter. All of examples are official documents that have been kept on files by the side of my clients. The project, which has been included examples 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, is one of the best my achievements).