Thursday, October 7, 2010

Actually, what is the problem? (part8)

Referring to previous article in order to analyze the problem with mathematics tools, I think that there is at least one difference between Topology and Boundary Conditions Method as follows:
While I was working on a new model of motion where we have high rate of entropy, I was led toward Three-Dimensional waves. As you know, we will be able to discover energy reserves into the Earth such as crude oil or ground water aquifers or even find out metallic mines easily by having a true analysis of Three-Dimensional wave equation.
Of course, the analysis of it is very hard in which we want to work on Multi-dimensional wave. I think there is a very important difference among analysis tools. For instance, when we analyze it by using of boundary conditions method such as Non-linear FEM, we have always: 0 But, by using of Topology or Complex numbers, we will have at least a point where the result will be 0=1.

Anyways, today my slogan is: the patience vs. the Uncertainty. I think that we have to change our approach from discovering of new Energy resources to saving of the Energy. Why? Nowadays, we can see the high fluctuation in stock markets, commodities and so on. The uncertainty is caused that any new project would not be successfully fulfilled because we will not have the real estimate about our quotation price. Consequently, we have to protect our ideas about new resources of the Energy in our brain. It means that we should be the patience vs. uncertainty. In fact, it will push us to save the Energy. For instance, if we assume all of trailers and small companies are the particles of clay (soil) suspended in a glass of water (Uncertainty) and Sodium hexametaphosphate (SHMP) is a discriminator material to break down clay as Technology, we have to spend the energy to suspend clay in water forever. But by saving of energy, we decrease internal energy of suspended mixture so that even by increasing of external energy, the deposit of the particles will finally occur and we will have a decline of uncertainty. In addition, when we save the energy, we are generating amount of energy equal to our saved energy in the nature. Besides, the mentality of energy saving could lead us toward finding out new ideas about storing of energy. It could be the similar to power electric storing into boxes (BATTERIES or CAPACITORS) where we can invent and develop new ideas which will be changed to new innovation and produced new generation of Batteries in the near future. For instance, it is possible we will be able to reserve more than 1MW power electric in the boxes of sphere or ball frame with the diameter less than 1meter in the near future. Of course, it will be invented after the ending of UNCERTAINTY season (Another Industry Revolution).
I think that the core technology which will be used to produce the new generation of these Capacitors is the same for discovering of the new energy resources in the future.