Thursday, October 7, 2010

Actually, what is the problem? (part7)

When the number of consumers in the world is dramatically increasing, the new Universal Constant Laws must be discovered by Human compatible with natural laws otherwise it will be led toward to be deleted the consumers.
As a matter of fact, there are only two ways:
1) To find out the new Universal Constant Laws.
These laws are just like to the supports of the world so that the world will be able to continue a stable equilibrium for another limited time.
Since these laws are the constant, they could be used in all apply sciences such as Financial, Judgment, Engineering, and Medicine and so on.
For example, in accordance with mechanic of materials, when we increase the dimensions (X,Y) of a paper sheet, the moment inertia will be decreased that it is caused a considerable fall on bending rigidity and finally overturning . But if we increase the number of supports under paper sheet, it will be vice versa (an increase on moment inertia ….).
Another example is about learning of second language. Definitely we as a beginner of second language cannot smoothly speak but when we use from some phrases among our sentences that they have been adopted from regular laws of grammar, we feel that we are continuously speaking thus our self-confidence will go up to improve our skills. In fact, grammar’s laws are the same supports.
And so, the supports of the world are the Universal constant laws.
2) Not to discover the new Universal Constant Laws.
In this case, the consumers (dimensions of paper sheet) will be increased without any supports that it will be caused a overturning in the world (only with a sharp fluctuation (crude oil price) just like to financial crisis).
I remember that I wrote an example in this article as follows:
“Perhaps, one of the most important problems is to control and use of wild energies in the nature. I do not know, probably one day in the future, the people in the world will wish to have an earthquake in their areas”.
There are two concepts about above mentioned:
-If the source of energy will be finished in the world, the people wish to have an earthquake to die. Of course, the death is the easiest way.
-If we will be able to control the wild energies such as earthquake for using of their energies, the people wish to have an earthquake in their locations.
Of course, using of wild energies in the nature is a dream for us now. But I think that we should have the concern about some things as follows:
Nowadays, some of the people use from the inner energy of earth (for instance, hydrothermal energy) but it could not help us because we need to absorb the huge amount of these energies in a few minutes. We assume that a location has a potential for earthquake with a scale of 7.5 Richter equal to 747.6 PJ. According to Energy Conservation Law, if we absorb this amount of energy (747.6 PJ) during the limited time before happening of earthquake, there will not occur the earthquake in the future. It means that we will be compelled to have a high velocity of energy absorption.
Now, we should look at to our available theories and tools:
-The new theories of quantum mechanic
-Topology theory
-Mixed number theory
- Nonlinear Finite Element theory
-Fourier theorem (Analysis & synthesis)
Maybe, all above cases are only defining a theory.
Do we need other laws to solve above problem?
How could we be sure if we need to a new tool or law for solving of the problem?
Which law could be considered as a Universal Constant Law?
How can we discover a new Universal Constant Law?
Refer to my last article, we have:
“As a fact, Mathematics moves from infinity to boundaries but Art and Philosophy move from boundaries to infinity”
Therefore, everywhere philosophy, mathematics and art have the crossing points, there will be discovered a new Universal Constant law. This is the same Analysis Philosophy or Physics theory.
As a result, the new Universal Constant Laws will be raised only by using of natural laws no by Human.

"To be continued..."