Thursday, October 7, 2010

Actually, what is the problem? (part6)

In additional to my interest, I think that I have to study Mathematics because we find it anywhere for instance, Static science and Mechanic of Materials are as well as used in Dental Surgery (Implant, Bridge and Ortodency) where:
Sum Fx, Fy, Fz = 0, Sum Mx, My, Mz = 0

“As a fact, Mathematics moves from infinity to boundaries but Art and Philosophy move from boundaries to infinity”.

It means that there is “uncertainty” in Art and Philosophy but no for Mathematics (you can read my article of “uncertainty” here:;id=17983633 :
I think that some people have the ability of passing “uncertainty” phase:
- They are someone who are not obliged to solve the problem. In accordance with Weiler’s law: “the solving of any problem is not impossible for them”. ……….).

For example, we assume that Gold, Money and Energy are equal to Art, Philosophy and Mathematics. When you buy 1 gram of Gold, you don not really control that it is gold 18 or 24 carats fine and so about actual worth of Money (because of inflation). But the released energy by 1 liter Gasoline is always approximately 40000 kJ (5500 kJ/mole).

Apparently, it is the reason behind of Industrial Revolution in Europe so that we think the revolution in Mathematics always creates the change toward a better life in the world.
It is right but revolution in Mathematics is not possible without helping of Art and Philosophy.

I believe that Mathematics is a mandatory but it is not enough. In fact, Art and Philosophy are feeder resource of Mathematics. For instance, I think that some paintings of Pablo Picasso (1881 – 1973) were the source of the development for new theories of Quantum mechanic at the beginning of 20 century.

I do not know maybe there is another model for instance; Mathematics and philosophy are two sides of a Paradox so that Art will be able to help them. I would like to tell you all of methods that we used to solve of our exercises in Math and Physics at university, we can use them for solving of our problems in our life but it is not enough.

"To be continued..."