Thursday, October 7, 2010

Actually, what is the problem? (part5)

Here is another example for using of physics in economic:

“I think that one of the best temporary solutions for financial crisis is to use Kelvin model (dashpot + spring) where the pressure is the same Inflation.
Of course, there are two important factors for using of this model as follows:

1) Since Kelvin model works only for constant pressure, it should be anticipated a maximum inflation for programming in the future.
2) Economic can not alone balance inflation among springs and dashpots. Therefore, it needs to profit by Sociology science.
Perhaps, Kelvin model was the final result of G20 meeting. But this is only a temporary solution just like to solve the paradoxes.
The permanent solution is to discover new sources of Green Energies (with the exception of existent green energies) so that total sum of these Green Energies should be so much more than total sum of fossil fuels + existent green energies and even cheaper because it was proved (August 2008) that fossil fuels were not able to secure the consumers request.
On the other hand, definitely our other problems such as Environmental pollution, Water resources, transportation and so on automatically will be solved be using of these Green Energies.
According to above mentioned, one of the most important obligations is to study, think and research for discovering of these new resources of Green Energies because we all are living on a ship that it is named “ Earth” and unfortunately there is not any another place to live for us now. In fact, superiority to Green Energies is the common problem of all people in the world.
We know that the problems will not be solved by Nervousness, Quarrel, and War. I would like to draw your attention to Art example (1) of this article (Barabbas (1961 film) Directed by: Richard Fleischer), if we actually want to solve the problem, we should accept that we are at the extreme of weakness and the problem is at the extreme of power.
On the other hand, I think that the next approach of financial crisis will be the educational systems in the world and it is very dangerous.

“I believe that every problem will be solved unless it is not actually a problem. In fact, this is the reason behind of writing this article (refer to the example of this article:
x^n + y^n + z^n + t^n + ……..= 0) “

"To be continued..."