Thursday, October 7, 2010

Actually, what is the problem? (part4)

If the outsourcing is accompanied by the power centers, we will have the wave (after the flow)
because it has been borrowed Faraday’s law (1831) in physics.
When we have the wave, we can think about Resonance phenomenon because of the existence
of different waves. After that, in very so much high frequency, we cannot observe any wave but
it is the vertical line perpendicular to Time axis where the velocity has not any concept
(Velocity = infinite).
As the outsourcing will save the world, basically Faraday’s law (1831) will guide us to discover
the new resources of energy in the future.

PS: I think, using of the new theories of Quantum mechanics (for instance, string theory, superstring theory, M – theory and so on) in business, MBA, International Management, Systems Dynamic and etc…
before to be changed to the universal law ( having a HP feeder source), will lead us toward a short – term business ( financial crisis) instead of the long – term business ( the stable equilibrium)

(To be continued…)