Thursday, October 7, 2010

Actually, what is the problem? (part3)

Referring to the article of "Actually, what is the problem? (part2)", I would like to present two examples about relationship among Art, Philosophy and Mathematics as follows:

- Example (1):

Barabbas (1961 film) Directed by: Richard Fleischer
Referring to the duel between Jack Palance and Anthony Quinn on below link: (This link shows you the complete film while you should
watch after the time: 1:34:15)

we can find the strategies as follows:

- Not to move before thinking
- To use of unusual ways to solve of the problem
- To show the situation of rush but not to make an attack
- Don't worry about your tools for solving of the problem but utilize your tools in the best ways

- If we take the thinking accompanied by studying, we will gain the self- reliance.
And so on ….

All of above strategies present a philosophic point that Immanuel Kant (1724 – 1804) said to us: “When we are obliged to think, we are at the extreme of weakness.”

I also used from this philosophic point in negotiation (article of “Some of comments in EPC projects”).

- Example (2):

I think, the movies of “Papillon (1973 film)” directed by: Franklin J. Schaffner and
“Once Upon Time in America (1984 film)” directed by Sergio Leone and so the music of Jean Michel Jarre (1984 – Zoolook – ETHNICOLOR – 01), all of them are
jointly presenting a philosophic point.
Do you know this point?

- Hypothesis (2):

I think, it can be “outsourcing’. (Please see the article of ‘Some of comments in EPC projects”).

(To be continued…)