Thursday, October 7, 2010

Actually, what is the problem? (part1)

Even though I as well as worked and studied in the field of Geotechnical Engineering , I would like to continue my way in the field of Project Management by working and researching in this case because I do not think that our important and serious problems will be solved only by Geotechnical Engineering or other engineering courses alone. In fact, our obligatory problems will be remedied by collaboration all of engineering categories.

At the first, we should know, why should we solve the problem?
Before, replying to this question, we should accept two fundamental points as follows:

1) All of physics’ rules and phenomena always exist in the nature for solving of Human problems in the cases of Art, Social, Economic, Medicine and etc. This means, we should be able to expand these rules to all of sciences for instance, can we join Gibbs’s formula
(F = C – P + 2) and phase diagrams in thermodynamic to all of systems in the world? (Because the equilibrium in all of systems has been depended on the time and energy).

2) These physics’ rules should be classified for example: Static and dynamic are under cover of thermodynamic.
Now, the reply is, if we proceed to solve of the problem, we can discover the new rules of physics in the nature. In fact, Human has discovered all of physics’ rules and phenomena because of the man persistence on solving of the problems.

After that, we should know, which should we solve the problem?
Of course, before we proceed to solve the problems, we should answer to some questions for instance, we should know if we must solve all of the problems in the world. If the reply is negative, which should the problems be solved by us? What are the controlling factors? Answering to these questions is very important because we should pass some problems without any attention to them. In fact, the great problem is to find out which the problem must be solved so that we discover minor aims when we try to reach main aim ( just like to growth of a seed that it will be changed to a fruit but there are some minor aims during this process). It means, Maybe we will be never able to solve the main problem but we will gain the minors. Of course, if we present a way for solving of the problem, we should bear in mind that the minor’s paths would be produced because of our suggestion way so that some of these minors will be harmful for us. The points of A to T of my manuscript (Executive methods for solving of the problems) guide us for solving of this great problem.
Perhaps, one of the most important problems is to control and use of wild energies in the nature. I do not know, probably one day in the future, the people in the world will wish to have an earthquake in their areas.
We should look at to any project as a problem, define the project, and lead it toward to be solved.

I would like to present you a problem as the example and disputing on it as follows:

It is possible that the source of energy will change in the future because of controlling of wild energies by Human so that the balance of cost (energy) and time is established by using of wild energies instead of fossil fuels. What will be our strategies? Is our approach to reach long term or short-term targets or both of them? What things will determine our approach? Should we invest to research and investigate on controlling of wild energies or using of fossil fuels as only source of energy and or using of oil and Hydro-Carbonates (fossil fuels) for making of a rotation system similar to water so that Oil will never lose in the world any time? The first step to solve above problem is to collect the information by managing so that the people are led to be interested in studying and sharing their knowledge. One of the best ways to levy the information is to use these communities. Another way could be to award the certificate or degree the best essay and paper or using of the papers presented in symposium and congress. Of course, to use of the point (P) of my manuscript could be considered as a way. Other steps have been presented in points A to T of my manuscript.
I think, the problem is actually … (To be continued)